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Braided Hatband Patterns

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Choose a handbraided genuine horsehair band to complement your hat. We offer bands in a variety of widths and a multitude of designs. All bands are fully adjustable.See Available Patterns

Narrow Styles (1 and 3 Braids)

  • w/ Double Tassel closure

Wide Styles (5 Braids)

  • w/ Single Tassel
  • w/ 3-pc. Silver Buckle
  • w/ Silver Conchos /Single Tassel

Round Spiral

  • (shown: three different band colors)

NT Slider

  • Adjustable Band
  • Works w/ Any Style
  • Offered in 3 and 5 braid widths.



NT 5 Slider Braid Band Detail

A break from the traditional double or single tassel, this newest style from Colorado Horsehair comes with no tassel for a cleaner, classic, 'no frills' look.

Available in all of our traditional colors plus our new patterns as well.  Featured here is our new model 1000 NT5, a 5 braid band with a mixed center and rich brown edging and knots - especially developed for summer straws, palm leafs and banded brims.


Single Braid w/ Double Tassel

Single Braid width; casual design


Round Spiral Band w/ Double Tassel

Striking 2-Color Design; 3/4" width;


Wide Band w/ Single Tassel

5 braid width; approx. 5/8"width


Narrow Band w/ Double Tassel

3 braid width; approx. 3/8"width

Wide Band w/ Silver Buckle

5 braid width; approx. 3/8"width


Wide Band w/ Silver Concho Trim

5 braid width; approx. 5/8"width






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