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Sunglass Strings

A fine hat deserves our handmade horsehair Stampede Strings.

We offer the traditional full loop style which requires holes in the hat brim. The strings loop through the brim and around the hat's crown (forming a band).

We're the ones who reinvented the Stampede String: the Cotter Pin style-- which has almost displaced the loop technique.

With this style, the strings attach to the hat with cotter pins that slip under the inside band. No holes required--and you can add your favorite COHH hatband!

Stampede Strings  Photo

Above: Outer Coil: cotter pin    
              Inner Coil: loop

Stampede Strings - Loop Regular

Assorted Colors


Stampede Strings - Cotter Pin Regular

Assorted Colors


Stampede Strings - Loop Fancy

Assorted Colors


Stampede Strings - Cotter Pin Fancy

Assorted Colors


Regular Closeup Fancy Closeup

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