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HS Bolo on Shirt

Colorado Horsehair is proud to offer traditional western neckwear of exceptional quality. Hand braided horsehair construction is finished off with unique knots and color accents.

Button Tassels on shirt
  Bolo on Shirt  

Horseshow Bolo

Offered in Black, Brown, Green (shown above)
Truly distinctive, a Western Wear classic.

Button Tassels

Offered in Black, Tan, Natural.
Adjustable slider fits over shirt button.


Button Tassels Group
  Horshow Bolos


Offered in Black/Natural, Tan/Natural, Blue Comb., Red Comb.

Above: Horsehow Bolo color range
Above: Button Tassels color range
  Plain Bolos  
Above: Bolo Colors Available

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