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we take tremendous pride in our craftsmanship and customer service. let us know if you have questions (800-595-2644) or just use our handy contact form. our belt and tack offerings are second to none. we offer you the opportunity to combine your choice of leather color and texture with one of over 100 patterns.

here for your reference are the colors and textures we offer in our products. select your preference in the shopping cart area of your order.

belt leather colors tack leather colors
belt texture options how to order your correct belt size
belt billet styles how to care for your natural horsehair product


leather colors available from colorado horsehair

belt colors:

  • hitched and braided belts: saddle tan, brown, or black

tack colors:

  • braided tack: saddle tan, brown, or black
  • hitched tack: saddle tan
saddle tan

leather colors for tack and belts



belts: leather texture options

textures for hitched belts
hitched belt textures  

hand tooled
in saddle tan

hand tooled
(shown in black)

smooth finish
(shown in black)

textures for braided belts
braided belt textures

stamped finish
(in black)

stamped finish
(shown in saddle tan)

smooth finish
(shown in brown)



ordering the &correct belt size

belt measure method

your belt size equals your waist size (determinded by a tape measure around the waist, not too snug) such as that of a proper fitting pair of jeans.if the size of the bluejeans is a 34, then the proper size from us would be a 34.

our belts have 5 holes and the belt is sized to the center hole. each hole away from the center is 1/2" larger or smaller for changes in waist size. but, the proper place to start is the center hole. most of our belts are offered in even sizes. we suggest that those with uneven waist measurements select the next higher even size. for example a 31" waist would select a size 32 belt.

hitched belt sizes can be ordered in any size including odd/uneven measures.


billet styles

wide billet

narrow billet


caring for your genuine horsehair product

leather billets can be treated with saddle soap or a neutral colored shoe polish.

for silver trim, it is best to use one of the many available silver cleaners; silver polishing cloths are very convenient and prevent liquid polish from getting on the braids or leather trims.

the horsehair can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some hand soap.

horsehair tends to have a "strong memory" unless it is moistened. misshapen braids can be straightened by dampening the horsehair with a wet cloth and allowed to dry. once dry it will retain its new shape. the hair should not be soaked-- particularly not the "strong" colors such as turquoise, red and blue since the vegetable dyes can run and stain adjacent braids.

loose hairs sticking out of a braid can be clipped off carefully using nail clippers without affecting the integrity of the braid in question.


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